Question Time: Yes i have…No i haven’t



I asked what kind of post you would like to see and a personal one was in favour so i came up with this one which you can get to know me a little better.


SKIPPED A CLASS: I tried not to make it a habit but sometimes i couldn’t help it and ended up going home at lunch and didn’t go back for the rest of the day (bullies didn’t help)

DONE DRUGS: Do i look that silly? Not something that’s ever appealed to me

SELF HARMED: I have had some low moments in my life as i have suffered with depression on and off  but its only ever been a slight thought never acted upon it.

SHOP LIFTED: I have only done it twice. Once when i was at my local sweet shop i put some sweets in my pocket when the shop keeper wasn’t looking, she must have had eyes in the back of her head cos i had to give them back. Second was a freebie on the front of the mag. Wasn’t allowed the magazine so i put the freebie in mums handbag. She gave me a bollocking when she found it.


SHOW: I have two they are both oldies…The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and the Golden Girls. Thanks to Amazon prime/Netflix for my Will Smith fix and Mum for buying me the Golden Girls box set.

FILM: Without a doubt it has to be Bridget Jones. The first one obviously. I have a few others that come very close that i’ll do in a later blog post. Bridget is so relatable,  quotable, funny and has some lovely eye candy too.

SONG: Everything i do (i do it for you) by Bryan Adams. I have loved it since i heard it on a jukebox when i was 6 years old. Now i am old enough to understand lyrics it has so much more meaning to it.

BOOK: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. I thought of how magical it was the first time i read it that there could be a whole different world in the back of the wardrobe i soon found out there wasn’t.


GAY RIGHTS: Love has no labels so those who discriminate are the ones in the wrong. I applaud the LGBT community for standing up to the haters and not changing for nobody.

SECOND CHANCES: I believe everybody deserves a second chance but that’s it. No third, fourth or fifth. If you do you may as well have mug tattooed on your forehead.

SEX ON A FIRST DATE: If i was to have sex on the first date (which i don’t) it would certainly not turn into anything more serious than a one time thing. Love isn’t built on sleeping with someone when you only met them a few hours before.


HAVE A STRONG ACCENT: Although i live in the countryside i don’t think i sound as broad as some of the people so i have that to be thankful for.

HAVE ANY SCARS: I have a massive scar from where i had my bladder operation. The actual Bladder stoma itself is tiny but where they opened me up is quite sizable but luckily my knickers hide it.

BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: I really do believe that you could fall in love with someone just by looking at them but when you get to know them as a person is when you really know if its true love or just infatuation.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.



Miracle Morning| Holzieloves – Podcast #1 

I thought about what I wanted to start my podcast episodes off with and I came up with a very positive one 😁

So here it is….

Applying this to your mornings will benefit not only you on the inside but it will show on the outside too.

Giving yourself that extra hour to achieve these things will put you in the right mindset for the day.

I’d love your feedback so if you listen let me know what you think…

Getting my thinking cap on for next weeks episode now.

Holzieloves: Listen up

Just a quick post to say:

I am starting a weekly podcast on Holzieloves where I will be talking about topics that you may not get here on the blog. I guess it will be good for those of you that enjoy listening to something whilst doing other things. I have never done anything like this before so you’ll have to bear with me to see if I’m any good 🙈

Click below to listen to my Introduction

You can find a new Podcast every Wednesday at 6pm over on sound cloud. You don’t need an account just a pair of working ears.

I will also update you on here to let you know when I have posted my latest podcast.

Let me know what you think…
much loves 💗

Week 1: Holzie Reveals…

You’re probably thinking what’s with the title?

Disclaimer: All clothes will be staying on for the duration of this post.

I thought that since you the readers come and nosey at my blog posts I thought I would do something different so you can find out a bit more about me and I love a good old Q &A .

I have kept it light hearted this week. i’ll delve a bit deeper next time.

So lets jump straight into the questions….

Who has the biggest influence in your life? That would have to be my mum. She tells me all the stories from back in her days and how she got through it and that I can get through any struggles in life too.

What were you like as a kid? I grew up living in a road that mainly consisted of boys so of course I wanted to do all the thing they did like skateboarding and football but as soon as I ruined my skirt from mums catalogue and fell off my bike and scrapped the side of my face it was bye bye boys things and hello Barbie.

Do you have a nickname and what is the story behind it? Name: Bertie/Bert and this stemmed from me and my best mate Jess doing an afterschool paper round. We had a trolley and a bag to help carry them. I opted for the bag and Jess the trolley. We labelled them Trev and Bertie. 16 years later we still have the same nickname. I’ll never forget when Jess sent a letter to me from the Navy addressed to Bertie Bag. I nearly pissed.

What are your Guilty Pleasures? I have a weakness for Paul Hollywood, Colin Firth and the Scofe (Phillip Scofield) I mean how could you not like them. You probably already know as this isn’t he first time I’ve said it.

How do you define love and have you ever been in love? The way I look at love you can be in love with the person and not the gender. I hate how people still put a label on love its a feeling and you just can’t help who you fall for. I have been in love before, my heart got hurt and it took a long time to get it fixed. Here i am now still waiting for the one if they are out there.

Finally this week – A Quote to live by…


I hope you had fun reading and I look forward to seeing you next week for Week 2.

20 things you don’t know about me


  1. For talent Tuesday at junior school I played the recorder with my nose to the whole school, I some how don’t think it would be Britains got talent worthy. The Queen would think i was very ill mannered.
  2. I got my one and only tattoo when my dad was in a coma ( it’s a H on my tummy for Holly) so hoping when he came back around he would remember what the H meant. Bless my dad, he did 🙂
  3. If I am lucky and not very heavily made up I can still get on the bus for a 15 year old, that’s 15 years younger than my age…saving the pennies and all that.
  4. I failed science at school because I was too busy swooning over my teacher. Wish I had listened to him instead of looking at him.
  5. I have suffered with a stutter since the age of 5, some of you will have noticed it and some never will. It’s a nervous thing.
  6. The reason I talk so much is because I hate awkward silences it makes me feel anxious.
  7. I have never been abroad, the furthest I have been is to Margate.
  8. I took singing lessons but I am out of practise now. I did used to be quite good.
  9. I remember kissing my friend once in her bedroom her mum caught us. We couldn’t exactly say to her we were just growing up and experimenting.
  10. I sung for Michael Eavis at a karaoke competition and won £80
  11. I have emetaphobia even the word sick makes me go funny
  12. When it comes to relationships I don’t have a type, if I like you I like you
  13.  If you can’t find me in a shop look in the stationary aisle
  14.  I first became obsessed with the colour pink after watching legally blonde and I’ve never looked back.
  15. I once lived next door to a rock star. He was the nicest rock star I have ever met, the only one actually.
  16.  I kicked my teacher in her vajayjay on year 6 camp, not intentionally though she was helping me out of a harness poor Miss Thompson.
  17. Two of my favourite foods are Fish and sprouts, I know It’s a weird one but hey we all can’t be the same.
  18. For nearly 2 years I pee standing up. No I don’t have a willy I have a bladder stoma. it has  made me such a stronger person than I was before.
  19. I have wanted to write my whole life, I chose paper and pen over sweets every time.
  20. People whos eyebrows are angry looking scare me I just want to get my tweezers out and shape the hell out of them.