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Straight out of the blue

Imagine turbulents at sea and how you’d feel …

This is how my Dr has explained to me what labrynthitis is… I have inflammation of the inner ear that causes your balance to be very distorted. I can’t move my head and if I try to look about the room feels like it’s spinning. So I’m literally confined to my bed and my head in one position until it passes.

Let’s hope it’s not too long a feeling. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

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Oops it happened again

Sorry I haven’t been writing on the blog, my mobility issues bought me into hospital at the weekend.

My whole body was paralysed and I felt like I was pinned to the bed. It truly is a awfully annoying illness to have. So for the past 3 days I’ve been in a hospital bed surrounded by older people. I love the older generation but these are less sociable so my iPad has been a blessing.

I hope to be home very soon and to recover better in the comfort of my own bed. My creative juices are still there but I need to listen to my body and relax a bit.

Here is a video from back in the summer if you want to get to know me a bit better


I really want to do videos on my channel again in the new year just hope you guys will watch them too.

I will try and write on here once I settle back into my surroundings ( my bedroom)

Love you guys and I hope you all are getting in the festive mood ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Diet starts Monday

Why always Monday you ask?

Well i guess it’s a new week and you want to start a fresh.

When actually, you can start it any day you wish.

But heres me again saying it to you on a Sunday night (face in hands)

This totally represents me – getting on the scales and thinking noooo way that can’t be right and get on a second time just to make sure.

I really have a sweet tooth. If i had to write a list out i bet you most would be sugary foods.

I attempted to diet/healthy eat here


I failed miserably as i wasn’t fully focused and something upsets the apple cart and i turn to my beloved comfort food.

You know what i did it before and lost 6 stone back in 2008 so I’m pretty sure i can do it again.

Obviously i don’t want to lose that amount. A stone would be amazing.

Maybe I’ll do a series on my diet/healthy eating. I shall get my thinking cap on.

Just because Christmas is just around the corner its no excuse for me not to start.

Monday I’m coming for ya.

Til next time

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Wellness Wednesday: Some like it hot, Some like it cold

What’s she going to be talking about today I bet your thinking….

Well i’m going to talk about something a bit random but beneficial for all


What you get up to while you are in it is your business whether you sing in it, share it or its just a quick wash and out.

I found out some really interesting things about what happens when you take a shower a certain way.

Ok so some of you may like a steaming hot shower and this isn’t a bad thing as long as its not making you red here is what’s good about it

  1. If you are feeling a little bit anxious it can help reduce your anxiety levels
  2. if you are quite tense your body will thank you for the hot shower. it relaxes your muscles
  3. It can unclog blocked pores of toxins and can leave your skin nice and cleansed.
  4. If you’ve had a headache for ages or a blocked nose a shower will alleviate the symptoms

Then theres the cold shower….we all go no thanks but it really does help

  1. It tightens up the skin lets face it none of us fancy our skin sagging prematurely
  2. It stimulates your sluggish immune system and prevents you getting colds
  3. Reduces hair loss…men in particular take note of this one ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. It frees up your mind and makes you more alert…cos its so cold obviously

and if you sing in the shower it reduces stress, improves your mood and motivates you so who cares if you are in tune or not it is good for your health.

If you plan on doing anything else in the shower just be careful not to slip on the soap.