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New wheels in sight

Being chronically ill, the smallest things make such a difference in your life and put a smile on your face

I guess todays post is just a quickie to say i have only 150 pounds to get to my target to get my electric wheelchair.

I am so excited that my independence is in sight, so close.

I have had some generous donations from my blogger friends, close friends and then a foundation that helps out people in need. I never thought I would need something to help me get about but i really wouldn’t want to be without a set of wheels.

If you do want to donate, no pressure click here and it’ll take you to my just giving page. Anything is most gratefully received.

Lets hope that the next time i talk about this it’ll be when I’ve got it.

Just your support following my health journey is enough.

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Its been a long long road

My day started at 7am the alarm went off. I said sod off to it twice before i got out.

Today is one long ass day i have a hospital appointment which is 2 and a half hours away. So i downloaded this playlist on Spotify for the journey. I grew up in the 90s so thought it was quite apt

So mum and me started our journey up there at 9:30. There was a lady who literally told the bus her life story we all couldn’t stop laughing. She was quite comical. She got off at the city before so we had a bit of piece and quiet for the rest of the way there.

So it was a double decker and as you can imagine there’s less space at the bottom. I was sat backwards because I’m in the wheelchair so i couldn’t give up my seat. 3/4 of the bus were OAPs so also couldn’t give theirs up either. So this old lady with a trolley had another older lady on her lap. It was so bad but she was smiling away. Luckily it was only 10 mins for her.

My appointment for the hospital wasn’t until 3:30 so we went to Debenhams and had a spot of lunch and a little bit of retail therapy but it wasn’t half hot.

So the verdict of my appointment is to try some tablets and if in 6 weeks there is no improvement tests will be taken on my bladder and possible bladder enlargement. But its a big operation like my stoma was so I’d rather not go down that route unless its totally necessary.

After getting on the first bus we got on to go home the bus driver couldn’t get back into his driving seat after putting the ramp down for me. His door lock was wedged. There was a spare bus but to be honest it’s not much better. It keeps overheating but fingers crossed it’ll get me and mum home by 8pm tonight.

I’ll sign off for now. Lets just say i can’t wait for my bed.