Taking shape

You know I was on a ‘diet’ of healthy eating a few weeks ago.

Then I lost a few pound and put the few back on because you can’t get away from the fridge when 24/7 its staring at you in this lockdown.

I decided to take a different approach.

I love food. There’s no way I could just go super healthy and wave bye bye to my favourite foods.

So I’ve taken a different approach

Heres the thing…i don’t want to be defined by a number on the scales and i don’t want it to be the reason I’m sad that day if I gained a pound or two. I would rather go on how my curves look and how my clothes look and feel.

I’m doing small bits of exercise (squats) and twist toning on a board. This also will strengthen my muscles as I’m a part time wheelchair user. Hence why I can’t go full on with exercise.

I’ll take some pics soon and then we can all watch the progress hopefully going the right way.


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