You know when you have had one of the worst days, nothings gone right and no matter what you try to do to put it right works out either. Well that’s when Retail therapy comes in very handy. You needn’t sit in a therapists chair telling them all your woes for an hour you could be in a shop or five. Nobody to say so how do you feel about that. Once you get in that shop it will be i feel fabulous… what woes?


There is never a wrong time to go shopping. The shops in town are shut…That’s ok, grab your phone or laptop enable Wi-Fi and away you go. Getting lost on the wonderful online shops for hours on end. Putting things on wish lists and in baskets and then finally deciding sod it, lets have it all.

17eadfa97ef55d421bb82ef8dc79b54eThere is the annoying bit where you have to wait in most of the day for your parcel to arrive but when it does and you are there opening it its like a present to yourself. It instantly makes you happy of course until it doesn’t fit and then the fun of shopping starts all over again.


So if your ever feeling a little or a lot bit shite, go off shopping and by the end of it I can assure you you’ll be feeling alright 🙂


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