Its been a while since I done a beauty post so I thought I would show you a few things i’m loving from The Body Shop

Also keep an eye out on their website for discount codes as they are always having amazing offers.


I absolutely love doing my eyes up and the eyeliner and mascara if not taken off fully leaves me with beautiful panda eyes. However since using this Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover I have not had any dark circles from make up only the ones I support from being tired. Perfect addition to anyones night routine.


I am using this like its going out of fashion at the moment.  I have been suffering with bad breakouts and tea tree as you know is the perfect medicine for them. I bought this in a Tea Tree Rescue Kit a few months ago so its coming in handy. You can use it whatever age. Spots aren’t just for the teenagers anymore. Stress and hormones have a lot to answer for.


I am a huge lover of Lavender its such a fresh and relexing scent and I saw this fragrance oil and thought I know what to use it for i’ll put it in my oil burner. So when I have a bath and fancy staying in there a while I will put this on and let the aroma circulate the room.There are so many other things you can use fragrance oils for which I will touch on in another post.



In one of my favourites you would have seen I am a big fan of this gorgeous Banana Shampoo so much so I bought it in bulk. Well it was 2 for £7 so it was rude not to take advantage of the offer. My mum uses it too so its a win win. We both have highlighted hair and it definitely brightens up our hair too.

Do you have a favourite from The Body Shop?

8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Pick of the month

  1. Banana shampoo????? I’ve never seen this in The Body Shop and I need it, I LOVE anything banana scented or flavoured! Love this post as well, just subscribed! 😘

    1. They do a banana conditioner too…it smells so lush. If you find anything else banana scented let me know…thanks for subscribing hun 😘 xxx

  2. My favourite from The Body Shop has to be the Camomile Cleansing Butter, it removes all of my make up so easily! I’m yet to try the eye make up remover, though I’m sure it’s just as good! xx

    1. Ooo I never saw the cleansing butter may have to try that. Nothing’s worse than spending ages getting off your make up. It is good hun just remember a little goes a long way xxx

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