Where i live we have a outlet store of The Body Shop. I didn’t actually know until i asked the other day that if they aren’t a full price store it will take 18 months to 2 years to get the stock that’s a new range for instance. I think that’s shocking.

Anyways, i was having a quick nosey round a few shops before my hospital app last Thursday and thought oooo lets have a nosey round The Body shop and here are the few goodies i picked up.

Ok, anybody who doesn’t like the smell of banana this wont interest you. They have a new banana range with Shampoo, conditioners, body yogurts and body butters. I went for two lots of the body butter. They were £6 each and small enough to put in your handbag.

In this hot weather anything sprayed on your face is refreshing. I picked this strawberry face mist up and it smells bloody beautiful. It’s mini so you can fit it in your pocket if needs be. If they ever bring out a bigger one i am purchasing it. Again this was £6. So kind to your purse.

Lastly i was informed i could pick up something for free on the table to the side of the till. So i looked though the different scents of the hand cream and this Almond milk and honey took my fancy. You literally only need the smallest bit to go a long way. It’s so moisturising and will last forever, i mean a long time.

There you go there were my little treats to myself.

What’s your favourite product from The Body Shop?

7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Treats

  1. The strawberry mist looks amazing!! I need that in my life 😍😍
    My favourite bits from the body shop that I religiously buy are the coconut body butter, any of the white musk range and the mango bath range too! Love all those scents x

    1. Mmm love the smell of Mango. May have to nosey next time I’m in there. The strawberry mist is a definite must. There are other scents too xxx

  2. I adore the body shop, I’m currently using that body yogurt how amazing is the smell!. I’ve not tried the mist’s yet I was tempted to pick one up but wasn’t 100% haha. Some fab little treats you have picked up 🙂 Enjoy them xx

    1. I did try the yoghurt in store but preferred the butter. You definitely need to try the mists they are refreshing and smell beautiful at the same time. Xxx

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