Yes I’m back, after a little break of two weeks away to think about my blog as a whole and how I was going to go forward as I was starting to feel like my posts were going stale, even though you were enjoying them they weren’t giving me as much joy as they should putting them together.

So I have a plan and here it is

As we are in this lockdown I thought I would concentrate on mental health and positivity on a whole as we really can’t crumble and support is what we need.

So I hope that you’ll join me on these days to see what I have to say.

Feel free to leave your blog addresses/posts below so I can come see your wonderfulness.

Lots of love, stay safe 💕


  1. Mental health is so important. Most people think just eating well, and sleeping well is needed do be healthy. We need to make our bring healthy too though. Like a computers motherboard, we can’t run without it. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

    1. Definitely, mental health is quite a complex thing. Everyone has mental health just some are in good nick and others aren’t. Ahhh thank you 😊

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