I was born in

Funnily enough i don’t remember anything from that year but with the power of the internet i was able to do some researching.

So the famous soap Eastenders debuts on BBC1 on the 19th of February.

I can spot Ian Beale, his mum Kathy, Pauline, Arthur and Michelle Fowler. I am unsure if thats Mark Fowler on the end i think it is but played by a different actor to the much loved Todd Carthy.

A view to a Kill – James bond film with Roger Moore on 13th June 1985

A View to a Kill (film) | James Bond Wiki | Fandom

This was Roger Moores last bond film after doing it since 1973. I absolutely adored him as he got older he just was always such a pleasure to watch on talk shows show what a funny sense of humour he had. There have been many great 007’s but none quite like Sir Roger Moore.

Live Aid the biggest charity concert ever happened on the same day in UK and the US too.

Remembering Live Aid - The Day The Music Changed The World | The ...

The amazing Bob Geldof arranged such a show in both London and Philadelphia that it raised over 50 million pounds for the famine relief in Ethiopia. I am pretty sure you can just type live aid into YouTube and there will be hundreds of videos to entertain you. I love Freddie Mercury and i’m glad his music will always live on.

Fashion in the 80s was pretty crazy

Whitney Houston performing live in the 80s

Heres the queen of the night Whitney Houston with her natural curls and one hell of a blazer. Think anything went in the 80s but she did look fabulous there’s no denying her that.

The food according to Woman and Home for my year is….

Great Garlic Bread Recipe, How to make Great Garlic Bread Recipe ...

Oooo and i just love garlic bread. So its on our tables regularly these days but back in 1985 it was just coming out and people obviously still crave its yumminess as its still many peoples favourites today.

Lastly in 1985 the song i have picked from the list of songs is

Holding Out for a Hero: Amazon.co.uk: Music

I mean how amazing was Holding out for a hero…oh no i’ve started singing it theres no stopping me now. Her husky voice has made her so recognisable on the radio. I love seeing her still so passionate about music.

Thank you for stopping by and going back to 1985.

I challenge you to do the same for the year you entered the world.

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