Not everybody will love the spiritual things in life. Some will use it differently. It’s a bit like religion, do it your way. Whatever makes you feel good and brings you joy.

Most of my spiritual bits and pieces are on my desk… I adore my new little Buddha who came with the black tray and the golden pot. My chakra stones and pendulum are at least 6 months old. Love the rainbow colour.

I did in my teens get freaked out when an adult said tarot…I thought it was a bad thing to try. Turns out it’s fabulous when you know how . I have used these a handful of times. Will start using them a bit more I think…as you can see they are collecting dust.

These chakra wisdom oracle cards are fab. I use them weekly at least. Generally I just pull 2 cards from a shuffled pack and relate them in the best way you can.

Find a quiet day….and find a quiet corner….this is mine.

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