The energy I want to touch on today is Emotional / mental energy. The kind that affect the way you think and impacts your life on a personal level.

These are some of the things that drain the hell out of your energy

Taking things personally

When you take things quite literally and think too much about it it takes over your other thoughts. You know it’s no good for you and truth be told you need to not let it get to you.

Holding onto the past

It has to be one of the hardest things , to forget something in the past that meant so much to you once upon a time. It happens to us all, it could take years and years for you to let go of it. But one day you’ll get up, not let it enter your mind and it won’t use up anymore of your negative energy.

Always checking social media

Its not a give up social media altogether just alter how you use it and how long you go on it for. Use the time you are on there for the greater good. Unfollow the accounts that don’t give you joy or inspiration. Live a happy life and not don’t spend so much time looking at other people enjoying theirs. Go out and enjoy yours.


Stressing about things that aren’t so much of a big deal, and let it eat you up…Most of the time it is unnecessary and can affect you big time not just in energy but anxiety and depression too. Find yourself some hobbies or an activity you know relaxes you.

Sleeping in late

Believe it or not too much sleep is bad for you. If you think about it too much lying about will make you weak in body and mind and will zap your energy without you doing much at all. Try get yourself into a sensible sleeping routine to get in bed at a suitable hour and get up 7 to 8 hours later.

Having a poor diet

If you eat rubbish then your energy will be rubbish too. You won’t be able to focus and you’ll slip up on things you normally find easy to do. Get yourself eating a healthier diet and you’ll see a vast improvement.

Fuelling drama

Adding fuel to the fire is just silly and will not do you favours whatsoever. It will bring you problems galore and you’ll feel knackered thinking of how you can make things right again. Just don’t get yourself mixed up in it in the first place.

Complaining all the time

Of course there’s no crime in complaining but imagine doing it day in day out. You’ll not only sound like a broken record but you’ll exhaust yourself and it’ll leave you drained of any goodness you have in there somewhere. Don’t moan and groan. Nobody likes a moody mare.


Who likes a gossip. People don’t trust a gossiper and you will forever have your nose in other peoples business. So best bet is to just keep nose to yourself. Plus you have to have a bloody good memory to remember everyone else’s business so just mind your own. Simple as that.



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