I’ve been a little poorly the last week. It’s hit me for six actually.

As most of my regular readers will know I suffer with a handful of chronic illnesses.

This is my M.E that people usually call it chronic fatigue. But it’s not just being tired. Hear me out.

So every month, usually around the PMT/PMS stage of my menstrual cycle usually a week before I have my period my voice goes…to a croak and it’s annoying as hell. I have to repeat myself constantly as people didn’t get what I said the first time. I can hardly eat, as the week goes on the sorer my throat gets. So soft food like Ice-cream, mash potato etc is my friend then.

My energy levels are shocking. I’m usually up about 7ish in a really bubbly mood but I can’t stay up without feeling like I’m turning into a zombie so I retire back to bed and there I stay for the majority of the day with music and my TV as company. It sucks when all I want to do is go do stuff that normal people do.

My hair washing takes a back seat until I don’t ache so much.

Coping the best way I can until I feel my kind of normal again.

Chronic illness comes in all forms and some are invisible so until someone tells you you’d never know.

Here’s a few quotes I found that are quite relatable.

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