This was Tuesday

I woke to the sound of birds squalking an awful song ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Even worse than that it was only 5am.

On a Tuesday morning I am usually up at 7. Being a urostomy bag wearer it needs changing a couple times a week and Tuesday is one of those days. So I tried for half an hour to get back to sleep but I couldn’t for love or money so at 5:45am I thought sod it lets get to it.

Taking about 10 mins to do the change I was down to eat a well early breakfast and a hot chocolate was very much needed.

I love starting the day with some music to sing along to so I put on Celine Dion…i fancied belting out her classics – if only I could sing in perfect harmony.

However I’ve been very fuelled on sugar today because of being awake so early and I know it gives only short spikes of energy I need an early night.

I can’t say I’ve been super productive today but there’s always going to be days that you lack motivation.

It’ll either be a YouTube or NowTV kind of night. I actually might make a post of my favourite programmes to watch and who I love watching on YouTube at some point.

Hope your Tuesday has been a good one whatever you’ve managed to get up to.

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