These photos are not in day order but were taken this week.  So I though let’s put all the photos from this week and talk about them.

When you have make up on sometimes a selfie is totally needed. Today was one of those days.

I bought myself some bits from look fantastic (actually mum treated me) I’ll make a separate blog post with all the lovely bits in but here’s just a few things.

We have been told here in the UK that face coverings are needed in shops so when I  brave it this will be it. Still in the post to come but it’s of my favourite things.  Pink and sausage dogs.

I’ve been using calorie counting on my fitness pal app and I can see a difference in shape already.  The app is fab as it tells you how much of a certain nutrition you have left.
I’m still most days going over my sugar but I’ll find a happy medium  soon.

Love our garden…its serene most of the time.  When it’s not i just pop some earphones on and chill.
How pretty are these flowers in the blue pot. They are just starting to bloom.

Well that’s my week in pics.

Love to see some of yours 💕

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