Trying something new

What do you do when you need a kick up the bum…

I have started doing not one online course but two.

With a beauty qualification that I got not long after I left school i wanted to delve a bit deeper and find out all about what things affect our skin from diet and skincare and how it can be corrected 😀

I found a course that includes just this and it was only £10 and no pressure to complete in a certain amount of time.

So far I’ve done two small exams in the form of multiple choice questions and got over 80%. Its really fun

The second course i have signed up to today is Tarot card reading. I have a couple tarot packs, well one and the other is oracle cards. I love the spiritual side of it and would love to use them daily and find out the meanings and maybe do them on others too eventually. This one was under £20 and I am really looking forward to learning each module.

These are the cards I bought back last year for only £9.99 on good old Amazon.

Have you been trying anything different?

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