As far back as i can remember i had the social media platform Bebo. I remember it being rather basic from what we are used to today and it was all about getting your top friends shown on your profile. Which i think looking back at it was rather lame. If you had a friend that was a proper friend offline to you that didn’t use it as much as the rest, was she any less of a friend? Of course not but your friend wasn’t to know that.

These days though people tend to use there heads (i say tend as there are still some knobheads out there) and don’t make people feel inferior or less of a person. I know you get the bullies behind the screens but on the whole people are less narcissistic and more caring.

The way i use social media as follows:


Here is where I stay in touch to my nearest and dearest. The ones I used to go to school with, work with. There are a few helpful groups on there too.


As I love taking photos I think using Instagram is great. I like a photo to have some meaning to it. Sometimes I share quotes there. The story feature on it is fab too. I use that daily to watch others and update my followers. I love seeing others feeds whether its personal, fashion, beauty or positivity.



This is the one app that you can ask a pretty random question and nobody’s going to judge you. They’ll probably be able to relate. I share thoughts, blog posts and do random acts of kindness to those with amazon wishlists. Alot of my blogger friends were found on twitter and also the twitter chats.



I have been a Pinterest user ever since it existed. It brings me so much joy stumbling over things that I want go make or just wish i had ( and maybe make that wish come true one day). I can easily get lost in the app for hours. Especially when I can’t sleep.



I watch YouTube regularly. If I need a laugh I’ll find something entertaining, or want to learn something then i know a search on there will always be of some help.

When you use social media right it becomes a more happier place to be and your time spent looking at a screen worthwhile.

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