All of you will feel the same when you think is this all a nightmare that we are going to wake up from?

First of all I was meant to see my stoma nurse at the hospital Tuesday but the transport didn’t arrive to pick me up. So that was a getting hyped up to go for nothing.

Then my mate and me were meant to meet up and go on a little shopping trip and that didn’t happen.

I did however manage to go speeding along on my electric wheelchair and go up town with mum at the start of the week. Nice to just nosey.

Then the closure of everywhere has taken effect over the last few days so everyone is either self isolating or being cautious when they are out.

All I know there are some greedy and selfish people out there when it comes to shopping for essentials that we need and aren’t there because of carelessness of some people.

Anyway sending love and hope you are all looking after each other.


    1. Mum’s toddled off to our little convenience shop up the road hoping for milk and bread. Don’t hold out much hope. Bet there are some selfish oldies too 😒 xxx

      1. She’s returned with milk, bread, chocolate,crisps, a few pasties and porridge. We won’t starve. Hope you have some food in xxx

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