Well if you asked me this time last year about books i would have said yeah i love buying books but that as far as it goes. Fast forward to this year i do like to pick up a book and actually divulge in it and find out what its all about. So i have a real variation of different genres : The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne This book was only released yesterday (24th November) but as soon as it arrived i started reading it. Its all about the Law of attraction and that’s something i want to invest some time in understanding. You don’t have to be super spiritual just have a sense of understanding.
The Doctor will see you now By Dr Amir Khan I literally binge watched this amazing man on GP behind closed doors. He is a GP in a Bradford surgery in West Yorkshire. You may see him on Lorraine in the morning giving his expert medical advice. This book has you laughing, crying and sympathising with the stories he tells in his book. I’ll be sad when i do finish it. The Promise by Katerina Diamond I am only 5 or 6 chapters in on The Promise. Its a murder mystery book so you need concentration to get whats going on as it flits from one thing to another. I love watching crime documentaries on TV so this is my first crime based book.
The little book of Self Care by Mel Nooks I have had this book a while but over the last month or so i have been reaching for it. For a bit of comfort and inspiration i guess. It can fit in a small handbag so its an ideal book to take with you anywhere. After all we all need a bit of self care from time to time.
The book of me I was so excited to get this book. There are so many pages full of questions all about my interests, my family life, my thoughts, my future….the list goes on. I don’t want to fill it out all at once, i want it to be a work in progress. It’s a book i definitely would say to add to your collection.
There you have it…Probably some books you never have heard of but may want to buy now. Let me know some of your current/ favourite reads?

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