What I’ve learnt about my Facebook free month

On the 28th of February I decided to take a well needed break from Facebook.

Why did I need a break?

To be honest, Facebook or faceache as I started to call it was just really draining me. The amount of people that were competing in oooo I’ve had my vaccine, it was just sickening. It was also full of people moaning about lockdown to the extreme. We are all in this so grin and bear it and do the best you can. If Facebook is making you sad then take a break.

So I deactivated it and then removed the apps off my devices too. I didn’t even think in that month oh I really miss Facebook. I still had the messenger part of it so could still stay in touch with friends on there.

I found myself not endlessly scrolling at other people’s life and not thinking about my own. I was able to focus on me and what I want/need.

As soon as the app goes back on later I am going to re-evaluate who’s on my friend’s list. This isn’t being horrible but there’s some people on there that just nose, or you went to school with you and just ghost you. These don’t belong on your list of friends.

I’m also not going to be on there for hours at a time. I have a limit I’m going to set of 3 hours. Luckily I can set that with android, pretty sure you can with Apple too.

If you feel you need a breather from any type of social media just do it. Your mind will think you for the little holiday.


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