So about 3 weeks ago I was just about to clean my teeth and I looked in the mirror and my tooth had chipped off… the main front tooth to be exact. So I went to the dentist and they said I could go back in 3 weeks and they could try and fix it. Last Friday I had it sorted and I can smile again. You don’t realise how much you appreciate your teeth until they aren’t like they should be.

I have reached my half a stone weight loss and it’s all thanks to the weight watchers app. I still eat what I like but eat more meat and veg varieties like chicken, mince, tuna, then Mediterranean veg or steamed. I don’t feel half as hungry as I used to.

I had my Jab on Friday too after waiting patiently for my turn to come and have the second one booked for August already. I didn’t have any side effects as such just felt tired for 2 days and had a sore arm. Hope to go away in the summer somewhere in the UK. We will see though as neither me and Mum drive and we need to find accommodation to put my wheelchair as my mobility in my legs are unpredictable.

Mum had her 70th Birthday. We made sure she felt very special indeed and was spoilt rotten. But she’s so worth it. The house is full of flowers, balloons and cards.

Let me know an update about you. Something that’s happened you want to share.

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