Here’s my famous make up bag. I’m sure it’s featured on here in the past.  I bought it from Primark a few years ago.

I thought it would be good to look at what my favourites are at the moment and what makes my made up face what it is.

Let’s start with the base.

I love the Wet and wild photofocus Dewy foundation so much I bought 3. Mind you for 5 pounds each it was a bargain. When I wear it it feels like a second skin with no heavy feeling as it’s full coverage. Which is great for me and my acne scars from back in my teenage years.

I go between the two of these concealers.  I do like the Revlon Candid one as it covers my dark circles but I can’t always get my shade so I have my trusty fair Collection lasting perfection concealer.  It’s just under 5 pounds and lasts ages. So for the last 4 years there’s always been a place in my make up bag for one of these.

You always need two mascaras, one to give the lashes a lovely lift that’s where the Maybelline Falsies lash lift comes in. Then a simple waterproof one when your eyes water or it rains, Barry M That’s how I roll is the one to get.

Both of these eyeliners are perfect I love them so much. I’ve always since I was 16 wore gel liner on my fluidline. I think if I was only allowed one item of make up it would be one of these. The zoeva graphic eyes pencil is the one I use for quickness and the Mac fluidline is for precision and a heavier look.

Lastly the lips…I like inbetween a light pink and a dark pink and only over the past year or two have I changed to liquid matte lipstick. The first one is a jordana sweet cream one and I don’t think I can get them anywhere now, they were on beauty bay so I won’t overuse it as I do love it. The second one is a Primark kiss proof liquid matte. Luckily I got 3 of these as they were only 2 pounds each.

There you go that’s what I use daily for a basic look that’s not too over the top.

What’s one of your favourites in your make up bag?

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