Whats your favourite drink?

Just a spot of curiosity… and also I wanna get a bit interactive in the comments.

What’s your favourite alcoholic tipple and what’s one that makes you go ewww never again?

My favourite is Archers and lemonade, cloudy lemonade is realty lush with it. I am also partial once a year to have a Dooleys (toffee vodka, kind of like baileys) usually at Christmas.

The devil drinks are Champagne and back in the day it was aftershock. It turns me savage and argumentative hence why I’ve not touched it for years. I once had a little drinking session and there was no vodka for my vodka lime and lemonade so I tried gin and oh my god never again. The aftertaste of gin was in my mouth for the duration the following day. It was vile. Now everytime I smell someones gin the memory of that night comes flooding back.


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