Wise words

In these unpredictable times our health can be the thing that takes a knock and I’m not on about physical health (which of course does) but Mental Health.

Can you remember when you may have said to your friend ‘bless him…he’s got some mental health problems ‘ and never did you think it would happen to you.

Your sleep pattern may be all to pot and you now suffer with insomnia and you may get panic attacks every time you need to go out. Maybe the anxiety of not knowing what is going to happen or what they are going to say on the news today. You can’t think as straight as you used to, and your mind is constantly on overdrive.

Please know…you are not alone. It’s ok not to feel OK. It’s totally normal to worry and it’s 100% ok to ask for help.

The courage you have is still inside of you. Your strength is too. When you feel you are ready…take a big leap of faith and I promise you. I’ll work out ok. Just you see.

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